Building Better Providers: Eric Bauer, Lessons from FlightBridgeEDEric Bauer- the pursuit of excellence

In this episode, Will and I reported back from FAST24 (FlightBridge Air Service Transport symposium) in Wilmington, North Carolina, an annual educational conference put on by FlightBridgeED. Over two exciting days, we mingled with incredible people, attended a slew of informative lectures, and participated in pre-conference workshops. This year’s conference was a goldmine of learning, with notable speakers like Scott Weingart of EMCRIT and Geoff Murphy of Master Your Medics. We had the privilege to sit down with some of these incredible speakers for exclusive interviews. To kick things off, we talked with Eric Bauer, one of the founders of FlightBridgeED. Here’s a deeper dive into our engaging discussion with him, where he shared insights into both the origins of FlightBridgeED and some valuable advice for aspiring EMS professionals.

The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Eric’s journey with FlightBridgeED began over a decade ago, driven by a simple but powerful idea: bridging the gap between critical care in the hospital and critical care providers in the streets. Inspired by the work of Scott Weingart and early podcasts like ICU Rounds, Eric set out to build a resource that would elevate the education of paramedics and nurses aspiring to enter the critical care field. The essence of Eric’s message boils down to humility and continuous improvement. Try to make yourself better, 1 percent each day. This attitude is central to Eric’s life and work, pushing himself and others towards ever greater heights. He recounts practicing with a CPAP mask and a ventilator on his own to hone his skills, demonstrating the kind of dedication he believes is necessary to achieve excellence.

Delivering Education That Makes a Difference

During the conference, many conversations revolved around how to break down complex medical topics into manageable, understandable pieces. Both Eric and the other attendees discussed making EMS education not just more accessible, but more effective. Eric mentions the necessity of staying current with industry developments, reading studies, and constantly being aware of new evidence-based practices. Eric’s passion for mechanical ventilation is a key example. Despite initially having minimal training with advanced ventilators, he dedicated himself to mastering them because knowing your equipment inside and out reduces stress and cognitive burden on calls. This commitment to mastering complex topics translates directly to better patient care and improved outcomes in the field.

Future Insights

Looking forward, Eric is excited about the future of pre-hospital education. He points out that the bar has been raised for educational standards across all levels, and he sees tremendous value in integrating critical care concepts into paramedic training. As education moves increasingly online, Eric believes that a balance of virtual and hands-on learning is crucial.

Final Thoughts

Our conversation with Eric Bauer at FAST24 was nothing short of inspiring. His relentless pursuit of excellence, commitment to education, and passion for the EMS community are evident in everything he does. As we continue to bring you more insights from industry leaders, we hope their stories motivate you to keep learning and growing in your own careers. Stay tuned for more interviews from FAST24, and remember: every bit of knowledge you gain makes a difference. Keep pushing the boundaries of your knowledge and skills—one percent better every day.

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