Happy EMS Week!

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Happy EMS week! First, we would like to thank you for everything you do. You are available for your community in its most desperate times. What society expects from you—and what you expect from yourselves—is clinical excellence and compassionate care. Despite long hours and stressful situations, you provide just this, 24/7/365. Lately, your service has been at even more considerable risk to your own physical and mental wellbeing. But it’s not new for prehospital clinicians to be underpaid, understaffed, and underappreciated.

This EMS week, our first at EMS Cast, we’d like to move beyond statements of gratitude and ask you how we can serve you best. What would you like to learn from us? What would you like us to learn from you? We remember some of the frustrations of being paramedics, and we’d love to hear—from those of you still out in the field—what those of us in the hospital can do to make your incredibly difficult jobs even a little easier. Thank you.

Please contact us here or comment below with podcast requests, comments, or questions.

-EMS Cast Team

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